GSMS 5 – Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen

The Wild, The Innocent & the Green Street Shuffle

w/ The G-Street Band

GSMS 5 took place on February 28, 2004. The night featured the music of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. The G-Street Band was the 10 piece house band for the night.

The G-Street Band

The G Street Band

Steve Mossberg from Mossberg on keyboards;
Duncan Arsenault from The Curtain Society on drums;
Craig Rawding from Vibrotica on vocals and harp;
Roger Lavallee from The Curtain Society on guitar;
John Donovan from The Bees Knees on guitar;
Neil Lucey from Thinner on vocals;
Ron Mominee from The Curtain Society on bass;
Robin Steiger from Joe Rockhead on guitar;
Charlene Arsenault from Pet Rock on organ;
Dawn Sweet from Pet Rock on backing vocals;
John Vanderpool from The Heavy Metal Horns on sax.

And hey! The soundman for the night is Paul Dagnello, from Huck, and the show’s producer is Greg Munro, how ‘bout that???

In addition the show features guest singers from

Thinner, Drilling 3’s, Pet RockThe Bees KneesThe Curtain SocietyGiraffeWhiskey DownMossbergStarr FaithfulGuttaVoodoo Screw MachineHuxley, Bewkenheimer/Chagrin, The DeaditesVibrotica, Deny Everything, MusclecahHothouseBrainless Wonders,  Joe RockheadGroup ActionHuck, Wilbur & the Dukes, Bootsie, Chillum, SUMO, Schekta, plus Matt Taylor, Robin Steiger, Laurence Lavallee and more!