The Green Street Music Series has just completed its ninth tribute concert. Last night, the music of Queen, David Bowie, and Elton John received high caliber treatment from members of the best bands in the greater-Worcester area.

Producer Greg Munro and sound engineer Paul Dagnello have pulled off another successful night of rock music entertainment to a packed Lucky Dog Music Hall. The Lucky Dog is located on Green Street in Worcester, and that is why they call it the Green Street Music Series.

Readers should find a few minutes and maybe pour a cup of coffee as this is going to be a long review, with a lot of details about the 30-plus singers who took to the stage to honor their musical heroes. The show opened with a set of Elton John classics. The house band’s singer, Dawn Sweet, from the cover band Pet Rock, was so damn perfect for this role that it can‘t be overstated.

Sweet, with funky 1970s sunglasses, overcoat, and white boots was a very likeable, watchable presence. She also nailed all the vocal phrases in her songs. “Mona Lisa,” performed with only piano from Pet Rock keyboardist Charlene Arsenault, was a touching ballad to play acoustic before the rest of the band came up to play the haunting “Funeral For A Friend,” with guest keyboardist Mike Warren helping out with the deep, foreboding synths.

On “Love Lies Bleeding,” “Yellow Brick Road” and “Someone Saved My Life Tonight,” Sweet captured the mood and timber and she served them up with a personal funkiness. She closed out the John set with Levon, bringing the song’s emotional dimension to the forefront by reaching for some place deep and personal within.

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